Who I am

I am a german freelancer photographer and producer, and I work with various publishers and editors on an international level.
Beside the remittance work, I am also dedicating myself to free artistic projects. Furthermore I am involved into developing and spreading art, through coworking with other artists and also by teaching the basics of photography.

My work was shown among other things at the itinerant exhibition of the European culture capital 2007 - Sibiu/Hermannstadt on various cultural events and was exhibit in several international galleries. They are represented in private collections and public institutions.
I am in search for the perfect image that structures the urban space and its people.
My photographies are an inventory of the reality, discovering hidden details,
analizing common places and sketching personal stories.
The images are fixed in time and space and offering the viewer visual passages
in the everyday confusion caused by the massmedia and commercials.
My photos are not prettifying they are wild, technic and radical.